Thursday, April 5, 2018

"Perfect Harmony" Flowers in a vase 7x5" (17.8x12.7cm) Original watercolour SFA

Original SFA art - 7" x 5" (17.8 x 12.7cm) approx. No border allowance. Provided flat. No frame.
SFA = Small Format Art - art that is no larger than 14".

Original watercolor painting, for sale by artist on eBay - link below or from my website - link below, also.

"Perfect Harmony"
"One of my 'adventure' days. One of discovery. Part of the day was brunch at an old inn, where the shadows of perfectly sunlit flowers enchanted me. The whole day was one of harmony and delight, so the perfection of harmony is captured here, as well as in my memories."
For sale by the artist.
About the artist:

Artist, Jillian Crider. Born in Australia, but also lived a considerable time in USA. Selling hundreds of artworks online over the past 20 years. Now returned to Australia and restarting this aspect of selling my art. Part of the SFA (Small Format Art) and ACEO (art cards, editions and originals), art movements. Award-winning artist, known in many different mediums, and past and current member of many art societies, both in Au and overseas. Some of them are specifically 'miniature' societies art memberships and awards.

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